Four Helpful Tips when Buying Body Piercing Jewelry Online

These days, body piercing has become a popular fashion trend. It is common to see people on the street with body piercings. Nose, ears, lip, and eyebrow piercings are the major kinds of body piercings. If you are planning to get your body pierced, you must choose the right body piercing jewelry. Your piercings’ size and location play an important role in choosing the right piece of jewelry.

Buying piercing jewelry online is a more convenient way to buy the piece you desire. But, before you visit different body jewelry websites and make a purchase, you must read the tips below to avoid any hassles:

Choose a Jewelry that is Compatible with your Body Piercing

Picking a compatible piece of jewelry is important for your comfort level and minimal rejection. Wearing the wrong piece of jewelry will result in tearing of tissues that surround the piercing, making it irritating and painful. Thus, you need to carefully take into account many categories and sizes before you purchase jewelry online.

Measure and Choose the Right Gauge and Barbells

After picking the right kind of body jewelry, you must take measurements in terms of gauges and barbells. Gauge is the thickness of the bars inserted through the piercing. Measurements to take include the jewelry’s plug or gauge thickness, circular barbell diameter, and straight barbell lengths. You can refer to a size chart to get the exact measurement or consult with a professional piercer.

Confirm the Specifications

Before purchasing your desired body jewelry online, take time reading the product descriptions. Sometimes, the photos may not match the given description or have contradictions between measurements and numbers. Also, make sure to cross-check the price, measurements, and jewelry materials.

Pay Attention to the Seller’s Policies

These include exchange, return, and refund policies as they vary by retailers. Usually, you cannot return body jewelry when you take it out of its original packaging. Thus, ensure you choose wisely beforehand. Read the policies of the seller and know all options in case you must return or exchange the item you received.

When buying piercing jewelry online, you must be selective and calculative while making your decision. Aside from looking for the factors discussed above, you should also find the right jeweler online. Online purchases involve giving out your personal and financial information to vendors and you want to choose a trustworthy body seller who will not share your information with others.

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